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Tom D

Senior Pastor

I became a Christian in my early 20s, where I came to see from the Bible that Jesus really is the real deal - and that I desperately needed him to be put right with God.


One thing I love about Battersea is how on any given day you can be plied with some of the finest home cooked food from all over the world. Although one downside is the pedestrian crossing by the Co-Op - is it deliberately trying to slow you down when you press the button?




I became a Christian when a friend began to show me the life and work

of Jesus in the gospel of John

(with some chocolate cake thrown

in on the side).


One thing I love about Battersea is the incredible park!




Bridge Bread lead, Women's and family worker and Deacon

I'm married to Jason and we have four children. I am a Deacon at the Bridge, helping oversee our food outreach and poverty relief fund. I also run our women's groups and love studying the Bible with others. 


I grew up in a Christian family and was always surrounded by the example of people with a love for Jesus that overflowed into a love for others. I've had a personal relationship with Jesus as long as I can remember. 


I love the fact that Battersea is busy (full of so many different people) but with lovely places to go for a bit of space (the park and the riverside).



Tom H

Elder and Deacon

I first came to Battersea as a student and I loved the local community, outlook and mission at the Bridge so much, I stayed.


Becoming a Christian was a journey over a number of years for me. As I saw the power and authority of Jesus in the Bible alongside his love and kindness to social outsiders, I became increasingly convicted of how far I fell short of being good enough for God and my need to trust in him for salvation.


I love Battersea's vibrant and diverse community and its abundance of colourful characters!




I moved to Battersea and joined The Bridge church in 2014. During the week I work as a government analyst.


I became a Christian as a teenager having been brought up by Christian parents who took me to church each Sunday. At university, an answer to one of my questions during a Bible study taught me how loving and generous God is in choosing unworthy sinful people like me to be brought into his kingdom through his Son Jesus Christ. There has been and continues to be so much for me to learn since then – joining The Bridge has helped teach me about the importance of talking to God in prayer and how the good news about Jesus can be shared with all cultures.


I think the best thing about Battersea is its people - it has a strong community of many ages and cultures. When I walk around Battersea I see older people sitting outside watching the world go by, young people playing in the streets, and great little businesses (I recommend the shepherd’s pie in York Café!).



Ministry Trainee

I was born in an Egyptian Christian family. When I became a Christian, I knew that its the best sense of freedom that everyone might be missing. So I decided to move to London by the end of 2022, to grow in my faith and help people know Jesus and be able to experience his Freedom.


I love many things about Battersea, mostly walking around and seeing how diverse people are. So I never feel like an outsider.



Elder and RISE pastor

I grew up in a South London flat, raised by my mum. I knew very little about Jesus until I was invited to a Christian Youth Club (ironically by a non-Christian!). There were fun activities and intentional Bible teaching with people like me -

I loved it! 


Over some years (and many questions), God used the Bible’s message of Good News to the poor to completely change my values and the direction of my life. I became a Christian at 15 years old.


I began serving in youth ministry on council estates shortly after, with a desire to share the Good News, especially with the least reached. 


What I love about Battersea is the people, especially the God-given potential I see in the boys and young men. What I hate is food with dairy. The feeling is mutual.




I was raised a Christian in a Christian household that attended church every Sunday and believed myself to be a Christian. It wasn't until adulthood when I first starting attending The Bridge that my eyes were opened to the fact that I was talking the life of a Christian but not actually walking the life of a Christian. 


One thing I love about Battersea is the memories; living here all my life I've made many. One thing I hate is the lack of parking!

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