kids and youth

Although we have had to change the way we run our kids and youth activities due to the redevelopment of our Church building, we can continue to run RISE, and Ignite at Saint John Bosco College (Parkham Street, Battersea) during the week.

RISE (ages 9-13)

RISE meets on Thursdays, term-time. 6-7:30 pm. It’s a leadership program, primarily aimed at black boys in the local area, in school years 5 to 8 (ages 9-13). RISE exists to empower, nurture and grow successful leaders. We believe the best way to do this is to connect people with Jesus, while supporting them practically. We learn and develop skills that can be used to increase opportunities for success in school and life. We provide a safe space for games and fun activities. For more information, visit the RISE website  or contact Ezra.

Ignite (years 9-13)

Friday youth club for boys and girls. A safe space to enjoy games and hang out with friends. Sealed snacks and drinks are provided. Includes a short presentation about the Good News of Jesus, where questions are encouraged. A hot takeaway meal is provided at the end. If you’re in school years 9 to 13 (ages 14-18), join us during term-time, 6-7:30pm. Contact Ezra for more details.