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Please visit our YouTube page to listen to our sermons from March 2020.

To listen to church services before then, please see below.

Matthew 5:7-12Becoming spiritually consistent
00:00 / 28:44
Exodus 17:8-18:12Going global!
00:00 / 30:14
Matthew 5:4-6Promises to persevere with
00:00 / 28:23
Matthew 19:16-30Tick box faith? (anniversary service)
00:00 / 23:58
Matthew 5:1-3Blessed are the poor in spirit
00:00 / 27:08
Exodus 17:1-17God on trial
00:00 / 30:17
Luke 1:39-45Voice for the voiceless (focus on abortion)
00:00 / 28:54
Exodus 16:22-36Trust me - you can rest!
00:00 / 29:57
Exodus 18:13-19:6Freed to follow
00:00 / 28:05
Exodus 15:22-16:21Our daily bread
00:00 / 27:48
Spiritual encouragement

In addition to our sermons available on this site, we are producing a series of short (3-4 minute) devotional podcasts to aid our prayers. They walk through a few verses of 1 Peter, followed by a prayer. You can access them here - called “Praying with Peter.” You will find some longer (9-10 minute) ones too on a range of themes.


We also think these sites are well worth checking out:

The Bible Project - Cartoon style overviews of books and themes of the bible

Streetlights Bible - Hear the bible read with a cool urban flavour

Ask Pastor John - Bitesize wisdom on a huge range of questions

The Gospel Coalition - A range of audio and video resources

Devotions for kids

Faith in kids have some awesome podcasts to help whole families reflect on God’s word together.

Check them out here.

Mental health

We’re putting together a list of Vimeo resources for those struggling, with anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges. Check them out here.

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