The Bridge

Finding the hope of Jesus in the struggles of our lives



Jason is born and bred in London and loves Battersea life. He and his wife Rachel have four children. 



Tom Dowding- Associate Pastor

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Tom heads up the families ministry, connecting our work with youth and children with supporting their families and carers. He is also passionate about sharing the life changing message of Jesus with his neighbours in Battersea. You can contact Tom here





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Martin used to rate himself as "one of the good people" until he started reading the Bible and realised he wasn't. Then other Christians helped him see that Jesus died for him, even though he was a sinner. They explained that his record of wrongs was now completely paid for by Jesus, guaranteeing him life with God for ever. Ever since, Martin's been wanting to share this good news with others, particularly people who've got left out of things and haven't had a chance to hear it. If ever you want to talk about Jesus, he's up for it! He organises Pie Night, Soup and      Scrolls, Seniors Lunch Club and Souper Seniors. He nervously supports Crystal Palace and likes any food involving either gravy or custard. You can contact Martin here



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Viv was born and raised in South London largely on a council estate. He had no interest in church or Christianity and Christians seemed to have no interest in him- or so it seemed.  God however did have interest in him.  He became a Christian/believer in his late teens while going to a youth club which intentionally shared the Good News along with games and food and a space to hang out with friends.
After repeatedly hearing about the Gospel over the course of a few years, accepting the truth, his life has completely changed for the better. He is keen to share this message of hope with others, especially those who like him, on the surface seem very unlikely to  become followers of Jesus. Viv has not "arrived", but he believes the Gospel is just too good to keep to himself.


RACHEL MICHELL - Family and youth Worker (Interim)



Rachel assists the team in sharing Jesus with local people and, in particular, is involved in The Bridge's youth program via Ignite, Girls' Night , Dangerous Club and for younger children Bridge Kids and Scramblers (Sunday School). Rachel also enjoys spending time with local women through meeting up 1:1  for Bible study and through Women's Circuit Training. Please contact Rachel here